Teresa West Carter
Teresa West Carter


Teresa Carter is an expert in creative translation and has a rare-found diverse range of artistic talent.



Artist Statement:

I’ve always been drawn to faces in art. When I study portraiture, I’m especially drawn to those that move me emotionally. It's those portraits that draw me in and make me curious; I want to know more about their story.  I feel a portrait should be intriguing and evocative, it should show you some aspect of personhood.

The question that drives me: Is it possible to convey someone’s internal essence? Will their personality translate? If I can capture at least one or two aspects of someone's personal journey, I feel the painting is successful. As an artist and portraitist, I feel it is my job to capture likeness and captivate viewers. I will spend the rest of my career trying to do just that.

We are complex human beings with a spirit, mind, and body that evolves with time and develops with experience. When I approach a new portrait, my hope is that the outcome will be as unique and multi-layered as the person I am painting.

As an artist and portraitist, I feel it is my job to capture likeness and captivate viewers.
— Teresa W. Carter

Carpe Imaginem Tui: Seize the Selfie

This installation started with a series of ‘what ifs?’ What if I painted portraits using photographs taken by the recipients themselves? What if those pictures had stories behind them? What if it wasn’t about vanity or status, but about regular people in everyday moments? Enter the SELFIE.

The installation I created for ArtFields told the stories of sixteen individual people from many places, races and stations in life. It is modern humanity. It is relatable life shared on social media, but meant to last longer than the second it takes to click the ‘like’ button.

The beauty of an oil portrait is its longevity. Digital images get deleted, cloud storage gets full, printed pictures fade. Long after these things happen - the painted portrait remains.